Researchers looking for people to answer a survey, based on human-robot interaction scenarios!

20 juni, 2017

​Örebro university are conducting research on human-robot interaction scenarios to improve the interaction within the scope of an EU project called SOCRATES. The project is a part of Alfred Nobel Science Parks profile area, Health care. The researchers are now looking for people (all ages) who will look at some videos and answer questions.

The project focuses on robotics in elder care. You will find a survey when clicking the link below. Filling out the survey will require no more than 5 minutes of your time. We would be very grateful if you could fill out the survey. Your responses will contribute to our research on social robotics. All the responses will be anonymous. We really appreciate your support! Many thanks. THE SURVEY WILL BE IN ENGLISH.

If you have any questions about the project or the survey, pleas contact researcher Neziha Akalin,


The aim of SOCRATES is to implement a successful multidisciplinary and intersectoral European training network for 15 PhD students, to develop the field of Social Robotics focusing on Interaction Quality aspects, with a clear application focus on Robotics in Eldercare. To support them and their training, a consortium comprising seven universities/research institutes, three industrial partners, two end-user oriented partners, and three business oriented organisations has been formed.

ORU employs two PhD students, one of them focuses on sliding autonomy, i.e. how much the operator needs to steer the robot and how much the robot can do autonomously. The other focuses on methods to evaluate the interaction quality between the human and the robots using qualitative and quantitative methods.

More about the project:

Project website:

The robot Pepper and researcher Nezhia Akalin, Örebro University