More cooperations lead to further development!

14 mars, 2016

On Tuesday, 15th March a seminar with the theme of ‘Additive Manufacturing – from industrialization to digitization’ will be held, organized under the auspices of the TTC and its latest EU funded project – 3DTC.

The Manufacturing Technology Centre (TTC) was established in 2013 and now involves a large number of industries and organizations that together contribute key resources and expertise in additive manufacturing (3D printing) in metal and analytical tomography (3D imaging).

Since the seminar was announced, a number of key stakeholders have declared their interest to create further opportunities in 3D metal printing and 3D imaging. Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery, Saab AB, Atlas Copco, University of Örebro and Karlstad University have now signed Letters of Intent with Alfred Nobel Science Park to jointly develop the Manufacturing Technology Centre (TTC).

”For Alfred Nobel Science Park and the TTC´s continued development, it is significant that several major players have chosen to be part of building a better future by addressing the technical challenges and opportunities that 3D metal printing and 3D imaging provides. Now we can look forward and further develop the successful cooperation that has already commenced.” Kjell Fagerström, CEO Alfred Nobel Science Park.

The TTC network provides access to 3D printers at Lasertech LSH AB, which has both laser melting and electron beam melting production methods. Lasertech LSH AB is one of the founders of the TTC. Through the Bofors Test Center, TTC has access to advanced 3D X-ray equipment which can be used, for example, for the verification of 3D-printed components. Research conducted at Örebro University and Karlstad University is closely linked to these technologies and is coordinated with TTC and its partners.

Today, the TTC is an essential meeting place to enable valuable cooperations between industry, organizations and academia for research work, industrial collaborations and skills development.

”Our commitment to the creation of what is now Alfred Nobel Science Park started back in 2012 with the Memorandum of Understanding with Karlskoga Municipality and Örebro University. The investment in 3D technologies, new facilities, new partnerships and the imminent Masters programme at Örebro University not only strengthens us as a company here in Karlskoga, but also the entire region itself. It is gratifying to see this positive development and I look forward to following and continuing to contribute to the development of the TTC and Alfred Nobel Science Park to become a leading resource for development, innovation and regional and industrial growth.” Görgen Johansson, head of Saab Dynamics.

“It is an important partnership for the University. Our operations in Karlskoga have changed and become much better with a clearer connection to, amongst other things, the forthcoming masters education programmes”, says Jens Schollin, Vice-Chancellor of Örebro University.

Welcome to the seminar:

Thuesday 15th of March. 9.00-16.00. Alfred Nobels Björkborn, Karlskoga, Sweden

Between 12.30 and 12.45 Letter of Intent.

For more information, please contact:

Peter Rendius, +46 (0)72 701 29 24,

Katarina Gustafsson, +46 (0)72 722 28 18,