Good Progress in the 3DTC Project!

21 juni, 2017

​The Advisory Board for the 3DTC project, being managed by Alfred Nobel Science Park (ANSP), met recently to review the good progress being made. 

In addition to a number of industrial demonstrators, the 3DTC project has recently launched several research programmes within the fields of industrial additive manufacturing (AM) and computed tomography (CT) under the sponsorship of SAAB, Siemens, Atlas Copco and Bharat Forge Kilsta. The event was hosted by Bharat Forge Kilsta AB, Karlskoga, and attendees enjoyed a visit of the unique production and forging facilities at Bharat Forge.

In the picture (left to right), Paul Wooldridge (Bharat Forge), Göran Backlund (Saab), Sima Valizadeh (Atlas Copco), Anna Ragen (Örebro University), Kjell Fagerström (Alfred Nobel Science Park), Magnus Ingesson (Chairman of Advisory Board), Edvin Resebo (Alfred Nobel Science Park), Per Rigbäck (Alfred Nobel Science Park).

For more information please contact ​Alfred Nobel Science Park.

P Wooldridge (Bharat Forge), G Backlund (Saab), S Valizadeh (Atlas Copco), A Ragen (Örebro University), K Fagerström (ANSP), M Ingesson (Chairman of Advisory Board), E Resebo (ANSP), P Rigbäck (ANSP).