​International Cooperation between Alfred Nobel Science Park and University of Bologna, Italy

1 december, 2017

International Cooperation with University of Bologna, Italy

University of Bologna and Alfred Nobel Science Park are pleased to announce the launch of a joint research and development package under the umbrella of the Vanguard Initiative (www.s3vanguardinitiative.eu) in the area of additive manufacturing and development of hybrid components.

The aims of the cooperation include development of additive manufacturing methods for metal and carbon fibre composite components, their testing and characterization, and developing the technology for industrialization that is relevant to many sectors, including automotive and aerospace. Partners involved in the initiative research are Örebero Univsersity (Prof.Lars Pejryd, www.oru.se), LaserTech (www.lasertech.se) and Bofors Test Centre (www.testcentre.se) in Sweden, and from Italy MIND (www.mindresources.it) and Nextema (www.nextema.com).

For further information please contact: Paul Wooldridge, Alfred Nobel Science Park, Sweden +46 76 767 26 77) or Luca Tomesani, University of Bologna, Italy +39 333 8660709).